The 7 Pools Run is a 10KM cross country run around the seven pools in Sutton Park and is held in March every year. It’s organised by a small committee of volunteers who have been putting the event on for over 20 years now. It has become a highlight of many cross country runners calendars and every year the committee and helpers hear great comments about the route and overall organisation of the run.

In 2008 the committee started another annual run, the Cinder Path Run. Similar to the 7 Pools Run, the Cinder Path run is 10KM through Sutton Park but takes a different route and is held in October. All the funds raised from both the 7 Pools Run and the Cinder Path Run are donated to The Norman Laud Association.

The Norman Laud Association provides quality short break services for children and young adults with special needs and support services for their families, for more information please take a look at our Norman Laud page.