General FAQs

Q: Can I sign up on the day?

A: We offer online registration via our website prior to the 7 Pools Run at a reduced price, but if you miss the cut off for this you can still register on the morning or the runs. The cost is £20.

Q: What is the minimum age for entry?

A: We do not impose an age restriction, we would leave it up to the discretion of the parents/guardians. We would ask that if the runner is under 15 that they obtain their parents/guardians consent, and if necessary an adult runs with them.

It is a moderately tough course and we ask that all entrants, regardless of age, ensure they are medically fit to run the distance. The organisers will not be held responsible for any injury incurred to runners during or as a result of taking part in the event.

Q: I have signed up online but haven’t received my number yet.

A: Numbers for online registration are sent out the week leading up to the run. If you have not received your number by the Friday before the run please get in touch and we will make arrangements for you to get your number.

Q: What footwear should I wear?

A: To some extent, this is personal preference. Both runs are cross-country and terrain can vary between track, mud, grass and a bit of tarmac too.

Q: What time does the run start?

A: 11am

Q: Where is the start line?

A: The start line for both the 7 Pools Run and the Cinder Path Run is near the Town Gate entrance to Sutton Park. If you make your way towards the Visitor’s Centre you should see the registration tent from there which is then not far from the start line.

Q: Where can I park?

A: Parking on the day is limited to the public car parks in the park itself. We would therefore suggest that you aim to arrive in good time, especially if you are coming with someone who needs to sign up on the day.

Q: Can I wear headphones?

A: Its entirely your preference and decision.

Q: Is there a water station?

A: No, unfortunately we do not have the manpower to set up and man a water station half way round the run. There will be water available at the finish line.

Q: When will the results be available?

A: We aim to get the results uploaded on to our website by 6pm on the day of the run. We will put a notification out on Facebook when this is done so make sure you like and follow us to stay up to date.

Q: Do runners get medals?

 A: No medals, but every runner does get a t-shirt at the finish line.

Q: Cinder Path Run

It is with a heavy heart that the decision has been made to stop the Cinder Path Run. A lot of time and effort goes into planning and setting up both the Ciner Path and 7 Pools Run and it is getting increasingly difficult to get the required support to hold both runs. We will therefore be focusing all our attention on continuing to make the 7 Pools Run the run that you have come to know and love and will not be holding the Cinder Path Run going forward.